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Head shaving is the practice by some men and very few women to shave the hair on their head. Males make up the majority of people who shave their heads, but some females engage in the practice as well.

There are a wide variety of reasons that this is done. It can be done for religious, cultural, or aesthetic reasons. Many balding people will shave their head; examples include Michael Jordan and Andre Agassi. Another example is for medical reasons, a person having head surgery will often need to have their heads shaved in order to enable physicians to operate on the area in question. Members of the armed forces are often required to have their heads shaved upon enlisting. It has also been done for time to time as a means of punishment, or as a way of dehumanising, hazing, humiliating or homogenizing people.

Throughout most of the 20th century, head shaving was considered somewhat unusual in many Western countries and even bore some very real negative social connotations, including its linkage to skinheads and similar subcultures. In the United States, however, the practice became popular first among African-American males in the early 1990s, and by the end of the century the look had achieved considerable social acceptability across virtually all major demographics. In other Western countries the level of social acceptance towards shaved heads varies.




Head shaving can be performed by most regular razors or electric shaving kits, coupled with any regular shaving cream or shaving oil (used for shaving a beard). One company, called Headblade produces a razor that they had designed specifically for head shaving.

Because it is generally hard to shave long pieces of hair, people shaving their heads usually first cut their hair down to a fine stubble before shaving it off completely. Incidents of cutting one's scalp with a razor are common, but avoidable if precautions are taken.

Exposure to the Sun

Those who shave their heads should be aware of the effect of sunlight on their heads. As with other exposed areas, sunlight can be damaging to the skin on their heads as well, especially as they have a greater amount of skin directly exposed to the sun. Those who are out in such light should either wear sunscreen or a covering. Sunburn on the head can result from unprotected exposure to the sun, as well as other medical complications.

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