The Bump Fighter Shaving System was created especially for the African American male who suffers from sensitive skin.  Bump Fighter cartridges are designed with exclusive Bump Guard technology, which keeps the blade edge slightly off your skin.  This allows the blade to shave at precisely the right level to minimize skin irritation. 


First, you're probably wondering, what exactly is Barc and why should I care? Fair enough.

Barc addresses the highly refined tastes and requirements possessed by men of distinction.

That's just a fancy way of saying, from Harlem USA to Rodeo Drive,from the Chi- to the Country Club and from Wall Street to the weekend jump off, Barc gets the job done.

How? Each and every product in the Barc skin care line has been formulated, reformulated, tested and retested to include the finest and most effective ingredients to treat and compliment the genetic make-up of all types of skin and tones.

In other words, Barc works great on your skin, because its supposed to.

So, try Barc. And put your best face forward.


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