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Fine Accoutrements Classic Shaving Soap, American Blend, 3.5 Oz (Pack of 2)

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From the beginning of Fine's endeavor to create a dream shaving soap, there was a straight forward goal: the lather of Tabac, with the Fine scents. After years of searching and thousands of dollars spent in vain, the folks at Fine finally found a sample of a soap base with a lather and ingredient list (minus the fragrance components) identical to Tabac! It was love at first lather, and Fine soon struck an exclusive agreement with the single manufacturer that had access to this soap, to utilize it for Fine Classic Shaving Soap. 

Although Fine could not obtain official confirmation that the soap base is the same as used in Tabac, there is little reason to suspect otherwise. If it's not, you're still going to experience a triple-milled, tallow-based soap with lather remarkably similar to Tabac. But if it is, wet shavers will now have access to what amounts to the first new scents of Tabac since Sir Irish Moos! 

- Renowned Triple-Milled Tallow Base 
- Beloved Fine Fragrances 
- 72 mm Diameter 
- 25 mm Thickness 
- Performs in Hard Water 
- Contains No Artificial Colors 
- Made in the Netherlands


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