The Center

16th Oct 2019 Donates 1000 Razors To The Center In Ashbury ParkSmall staff agency gets big influx of aid from razors direct September 21st, 2019-Shaving products super seller is … read more

What Is Wet Shaving?

17th Sep 2019

It will surprise you to know that the average man will eventually spend approximately 3,000 hours of his life shaving, while women will spend that same time waxing instead. So, what is wet shaving? Yo … read more

Shaving Tips and History

17th Sep 2019

At, we get asked that question a lot. And since most people love a good top ten list, here are our Top 10 Tips to help you with your daily shaving routine. #1 - There is no right or … read more

The Most Common Shaving Mistakes

16th Sep 2019

 As shaving is that activity everyone literally cannot escape doing, chances are that you have been shaving for so many years now. However, the saying “Practice makes perfect” does not exactly ri … read more


16th Sep 2019

Back Hair. Chest hair. Facial hair, Underarms, and Pubic hair. Boys have it all. However, how do you think ladies want their man to look?Personal grooming is a must for every good looking man, ladies … read more