One For One Pledge


One For One Pledge

Razors Direct LLC believes in giving back to our community by helping people in their time of need. Over the years, we have found that there is a large need for grooming products and especially razors, at homeless shelters, halfway houses and other charities. Good grooming is an important factor in staying healthy, maintaing self esteem and when searching for employment. In the past, we have taken these requests and offered help on an individual basis.

Beginning in 2010, we have launched a new campaign to show our support and to formalize our giving program. With our new One-for-One Pledge, we will donate one disposable razor to charity for every order we receive. In 2010 alone, we expect to donate tens of thousands of razors, focusing on homeless shelters and half-way houses. However, we will consider all requests.

We are already seeing a positive response to our program based on the letters and photos we have received from previous donations. Our hope is that our program continues to grow and provides some support to the people who need it most. Our even greater hope is that those in need someday find their way and no longer require our help. That is the good work the charities we support are doing, every day.

Razors Direct Testimonials

“I want to send you a picture. Words are good but I want you to see the gratitude people feel when they receive your razor. You are helping to make their lives better. A razor sounds like not much but it helps people feel respected and cared for. It is a true gift! A huge, heartfelt thank you!”

Corazon Ministries

“The razors are much needed and well received!!! The mountain folks in this area of West Virginia have so few resources for personal care items that the razors are a real gift. One that gives someone pride when they are able to clean up! This also gives more opportunity to move out of the cycle of dire poverty that captures so many in WV.”

Hands of Hope

“We are very grateful for your recent donation of razors. Your donation has directly benefited the men residing at our Adult Rehabilitation Center and is greatly appreciated by them and the center. Corporate donors such as yourself allow us to continue our mission of helping men regain their self-respect and acquire the life skills needed to take their rightful place in society.”

The Salvation Army